Generally, Auckland averages 1.3 – 1.7 m of rainfall per year – in 2019 we got 1 m of rainfall so we are down 300 mm – 700 mm – this has put us into a sprinkler/irrigation ban due to the shortage of rain.

We have just had one of the driest summers on record and we believe that our future weather patterns will be similar to this last summer we have just had … problems will certainly arise this coming summer if you don’t get good rainfall this winter … so far we have had 520 mm of rainfall this year (Dated on 3rd August 2020).

As a lawn installation/lawn care company we are saying: –

• Will you have the luxury of being able to irrigate your lawns in the coming summers?

• How often will you be able to water your lawns?

• Do you have a backup water tank for garden or lawns?

• Do you have a grass type that can handle long dry periods of drought?

We are seeing a big move towards the warm season type grasses like Couch and Kikuyu … these are drought tolerant grasses that will recover from drought-like conditions.

When you think about installing or constructing a lawn … think how much watering you will need to do to keep it alive … the way that our city is growing with all the houses that are being built … I am positive that this will put our current water supply under immense pressure … hence water restrictions.

There are some good quality turf products that we use to reduce the amount of water our clients need to apply to their lawns … we program these products into our maintenance schedule … but under extreme conditions … warm-season grass is a good choice when it comes to reducing water usage.

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