Mowing Height: -

Generally in New Zealand we are mowing our lawns incorrectly … the attitude if I mow it short this week I won’t have to do it for another 2 – 4 weeks

Cool season grasses like Fine/Tall Fescue and Rye grass should be mown no lower than 50 mm (in America these are mown at 80 -100 mm) this helps reduce weeds … these should be mown frequently (little but often)

Warm season grasses like Kikuyu and Couch can be mown below 15 mm … and mown in a different direction each time will reduce scalping if lawn is too thatchy or uneven.

Always mow you lawn with a clean mower with sharp blades.

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Couch lawn mown low and tight: –


Tall Fescue lawn mown approximately 75 mm: –