Why do we fertilise our lawns

When a high quality fertiliser is applied at the right times, it gives your lawn/turf essential nutrients that help it grow thick and resist environmental stresses, weeds and pests. Grass types determines when and what fertiliser to use.

How often should you fertilise your lawn: -

If you have a cool season grass which requires more water during warmer months, there is going to be more growth, so you need to fertilise regularly (we program in a 6 weeks quality slow release fertiliser). As the grass is actively growing, it uses more nutrients. f you have an in ground irrigation system we recommend fertilising every 6 weeks, without a sprinkler system, you can probably get away with every 8 weeks between applications.

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What Fertiliser should I use on my lawn: -

That depends on several of things – type of grass, time of year and environment … we find that a good quality N-P-K balanced fertiliser is a key to maintaining a visual attractive lawn … some grass types can be prone to disease if this balance is not right … be careful when applying non coated fertiliser as over applying or unevenly applying can cause burning off of your lawn … also some fertilisers have a small percentage of Iron (Fe) you will need to be careful not to apply these onto paths/patios and into swimming pools as these fertilisers will leave rust stains which are hard to remove.