Lawn coring/Aerating lawns

This required when soils become very compacted and can no longer provide the free flow of water and oxygen required for the lawn to survive. (There are treatments that can help assist water movement through soils). The most popular and most effective method of aerating lawns is to use a lawn coring machine on larger lawns or on small lawns a simple garden fork can work if the soil not to compact … benefits of applying soil conditioners over winter months is of great benefit for water movement in lawns.

What does core/aeration do for my lawn: -

Aeration helps lawns by breaking the layer of compacted soil just 12 – 20 mm thick can make a significant difference to the health and visual look of your lawn. Aeration creates holes down into the soil to alleviate compaction so air, water and nutrients can get into the grass roots.

There are two types of tines for coring/aeration: -

Solid tine- which creates a hole in the lawn or a Hollow tine – which bring up a plug which need to be removed and lawn re top dressed … great way for getting more free draining material into your lawn.