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Why use Total Turf Service Ltd

Quite simply stated – We are a “One Stop Shop” we are well qualified and experienced turf specialists who are able to advise on all aspects of installation, grass types, post installation maintenance, sprays, fertilizers etc.

•We are 'independent installers' which means we are not tied to any particular grower, but we source the 'best Turf' available for each client, depending on factors such as children, pets, sunlight, shade etc so we install the type of grass which will best work for your property, unlike some of our competitors who will install what type of grass their farm has, which may not always be the best option.

•We would not advise the installation of a grass variety for your property just because it is the variety we grow – as some instant lawn companies do!

• We would not recommend installing a grass variety that was not appropriate for your site or environment – as some landscapers do due to lack of turf knowledge!

• What we will do is visit you, listen to your requirements and then provide the best options in terms of quality and price. Total Turf Services will out source the appropriate turf/grass species available for your application.

• Not only do we supply and install turf, as well we always use certified grass seed on hydro seeding jobs. We also install irrigation systems and provide a complete post installation programme which includes a regular mowing schedule, fertilizing and selected weed control. This is what really differentiates Total Turf from all the others.

Our motto is: - “We care for your Lawn like we own it”


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