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What grass variety is most suitable?

Following preparation, grass type is the next most important decision. Each site can have different requirements such as – beach front, shady, full sun, children, pets etc. All of these factors need to be considered in order to determine the correct species of grass for the specific application. Budget constraints are also a factor in deciding grass species. For example, the installation of an irrigation system for watering during summer as compared to installing a more drought tolerant grass that requires little or no watering.


• Tall Fescue:- Lush green carpet grass, tolerates shade, has some limited drought tolerance, requires watering through the summer but limited winter growth – highly recommended species for Auckland.

• Fine Fescue:- Same characteristics as Tall Fescue but with a very fine leaf. Does not handle humid conditions very well and can easily attract fungal diseases. – Not recommended for Auckland.

• Rye Grass:- Used mainly on sports field applications throughout Australasia and is favoured for winter sports as it has positive winter recovery. Has no shade tolerance and requires regular irrigation. – Works in Auckland in full sun but requires daily watering throughout summer.

• Couch Grass:- This species is gaining in popularity. It was once regarded as an undesirable grass. For a property with full sun and budget constraints in regard to irrigation this would be a suitable application. As Couch is a Rhizomaus grass species it has sideways moving characteristics and as a consequence is ideal on a site with children or animals. Couch needs a lot of sun and has no tolerance to shade or frost. Frost causes dormancy but it will recover once soil temperatures start improving. With all the talk of global warming, we really do not know about the future with regard to water availability etc. However, grass species such as Couch and Kikuyu could become more and more popular. – Good
grass for Auckland in full sun and ideal for beach front locations due to high in salt tolerance.

• Kikuyu Grass:- Now available in an instant form and enjoys the same characteristics and conditions as Couch

• Mixed Blends:- If possible, we make every endeavour to stay away from blending different varieties grass seed. It is much more expensive to control undesirable species of grasses/weeds and can create quite serious problems such as burning the chosen species through the application of chemicals and such in order to eradicate undesirable weeds/ grasses etc.


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